Nature's Cutting Boards is an environmentally conscious business, with our ethics, principles and practice, reflected in the use of Camphor Laurel timber.

Camphor Laurel is recognized as an alien species in Australia and control programs advocate integrated removal and replacement with Native trees.
By utilizing this ethically acceptable timber we contribute to the environment in a positive way.

It is our vision that we encourage others to make conscious choices regarding our impact on the environment, and help create more sustainable outcomes for future generations.

We are a family business who produce our own product, from the tree to the table, and are proudly Australian Made and Owned.


WINNER of Eumundi Business Awards 2007/2008 for BEST PRODUCT

Finalist of Eumundi Business Awards 2006/2007 for BEST PRODUCT

Finalist MEMENTO AUSTRALIA AWARDS 2006 for Aussie Cheese Board

As honored as we are to have received these awards, we strongly feel our greatest achievement thus far has been our ability to remain committed to the Australian economic future by keeping our production here in Australia, and also working cohesively as a family unit whilst contributing to the environment in a positive way.

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