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Welcome to Natures Cutting Boards

You've made it! Australias finest Cutting Boards, Serving Platters, Cheese Boards, Chopping and Carving Boards are all here.
Our boards are made from Camphor Laurel right here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The unique grain from Camphor Laurel makes it an ideal surface for a cutting board, as it will not take the edge off quality knives.
This is one of the reasons why Chefs and butchers love to use it.

We offer FREE Freight throughout Australia* and can arrange overseas orders, just email us your destination and we'll take care of it.

Enjoy wandering through our site and viewing our unique products.


Nature’s Cutting Boards is an environmentally conscious business, with our ethics, principles and practice, reflected in the use of Camphor Laurel timber as a salvaged and sustainable resource. Come on through to our FAQ's for more information about our Aussie Cutting Boards.


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